Portable Gas BBQ

If you are thinking of cooking whilst out camping, caravanning, on the beach or simply cooking outside your mobile home then a Portable Gas BBQ is perfect for you.

Weber portable gas BBQ

Whether you are cooking for two, having a picnic at the beach, or camping in the great outdoors, a portable gas BBQ is a great way to cook your food. Its quick and easy and will ensure to keep that real barbecue taste.

Sleek and stylish, the Weber gas portable BBQ is ultra-convenient and will produce brilliant results every time.

The portable gas BBQ for life on the go

The portable Weber BBQ has all the advantages of a gas BBQ, and is therefore a good supplement to a charcoal BBQ. Weber's BBQ has a modern, award-winning and compact design, yet still has a large cooking surface. This portable gas BBQ is great on the patio, but also easy to pack into the car for those weekends away from home.

This gas BBQ adds extra spice to your summer holiday when you take it along in the car. Use it in rest areas along the way, and light it up each evening in the caravan park. It makes your food taste even more delicious. Or take your portable gas BBQ along on your boat, so you can barbecue on the harbour, wherever you end up berthing.

That perfect BBQ taste

Once you have started up the portable BBQ, after just a few minutes you are ready to barbecue a variety of dishes. The cooking grate is enameled cast iron, which distributes the heat perfectly. The portable gas BBQ's have built in 'Flavorizer' bars which, gives you that perfect BBQ taste, and they also protect the burner jets from being blocked by fat and juices. The burner is also made of stainless steel.

A portable gas BBQ that is easy to clean

The lid and base are made from cast aluminum. It is rounded, and conveys fat and juices down into a small drip tray at the bottom of the base. It is therefore easy to take the drip tray out and clean out the fat.