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Gas Barbecues

Gas Barbecue

Cook outdoors in style with a Gas Barbecue.

Portable Gas BBQ

Portable Gas BBQ

Take a Portable Gas BBQ with you to whever the party is!

Weber BBQ

Weber BBQ

A Weber BBQ is a popular Gas BBQ grill.

BBQ Cover

BBQ Cover

Protect your Gas BBQ from the elements with a BBQ Cover.

Why a Gas BBQ?

A Gas BBQ is the perfect party piece for cooking up tasty barbecue food in the summer months. Gas powered BBQ's are fuelled by propane gas, which can be bought in gas canisters around the country. There are many advantages to a gas BBQ over a charcoal BBQ.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • A gas BBQ is more stylish than a charcoal BBQ.
  • A gas BBQ produces much less mess and is easier to clean than a charcoal BBQ.
  • A gas BBQ is easier and quicker to set up than a charcoal BBQ, you can be cooking in less than 5 minutes!
  • A gas BBQ cooks like an oven producing evenly cooked tasty barbecue food.

Buying a Gas BBQ

Things to look out for when buying a gas BBQ include:

  • The number of grills and burners on the barbecue. Bigger BBQ's enable you to cook more food at the same time, perfect for parties and family barbecues.
  • The amount of BBQ workspace. Larger barbecue's often have addition work space allowing you to lay out your prepared food ready for the BBQ.

No matter how tasty your food turns out when you prepare it on the stove or in the oven, it will taste even better when cooked on a gas barbecue. Food that can be fried, baked or boiled tastes even more delicious when you cook on a Gas BBQ.

Gas BBQs

If you are looking for a high quality Gas BBQ, then explore the products listed below.

Gas BBQ Retailers

Please find below a list of quality BBQ retailers.

Barbecues - High quality branded barbecues from the Garden Furniture Centre Ltd

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